What “Stage” of Hunting Are You In?

When two professors studied more than 1,000 hunters in the 1970s, the results proved extremely thought-provoking. Patterns emerged that showed every hunter goes through five stages during their hunting career, with everything from their intentions to how they judge a successful hunt evolving.This infographic from HuntingBoots.com shows what thought process is during each stage, and ultimately the evolution that every hunter goes through.The research showed that not every hunter goes [Read More]

With Turkey Season Arrives a New Hunter

Hunter and His Dad

I grew up in an itty-bitty town called Grayling in the upper part of lower Michigan. In Grayling we had the first day of deer season off from school so the boys could hunt with their fathers. The kill would be proudly displayed on the buck pole that arrived each fall. While I was not a hunter myself, it was absolutely normal to me.I left Grayling when I was eighteen to attend college and I started inching my way south towards the big city of Detroit. After college I moved down to the Detroit [Read More]

Now Booking Hunting 2013 Trips

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Be Ready For Fall Hunting by Taking Your Hunter Safety Course

Communities across the nation are gearing up for hunting season and this means both new and seasoned hunters should inquire about hunting license and safety education requirements for their state. In many states, a hunter’s safety course is a requirement before a person can get a hunting license.Hunter education courses are packed with solid advice even veteran outdoorsmen can use. A refresher course on the basics of gun safety never hurt anyone. Safety courses have become more thorough and [Read More]